Small Scale Jewelry Making Business in Nigeria

From: Sandra

A guide on small scale business : jewelry making

Hello Sandra

The business of making jewelry involves alot. Top on this list is the material from which the jewelry will be made. For example, for a diamond ring, you need a diamond (or any material that looks and feels like a diamond for second level diamond rings). The diamond here is just an example. There are countless materials to use for jewelries.

Getting really popular now are beaded jewelries; these jewelries are made from choice beads. You need to source the beads and creatively turn them into unique jewelries.

Now the small scale business side of this. You can sell products directly to end users, you can train people who are interested in jewelry making or you can do both. You will need a small workshop and probably employ one or two persons in your office. Depending on what you want to do, your office location should be very strategic.

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