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From: hassana

I want to start up a business with my brother

Hello Hassana

Starting up a business is a great thing and if you and your brother are disciplined people, then the business is having a good foundation.

However, one very important thing you must know is that alot of factors come together to ensure your business succeeds; the first on the list is having a great Business Plan.

A business plan is a living document that keeps the light on in your business. With a good business plan, there won’t be room for confusion in your business.

Please Note: You need a professional to help your develop your business plan. This fact is as important as your business startup capital.

Sadly, many businesses in Nigeria today start running without a good business plan or no business plan at all. What many new business owners in Nigeria simply do is look for start up capital, look for a location they think is good, get the products or raw materials or services ready and start operation hoping and believing that all will go well. The truth is, in about 90% cases, all does not usually go well. Some fold up almost immediately, while others struggle for a while before folding up. A good number of these business owners, sooner or later, would jump into another business and repeat the same mistakes which led to the closure of the previous businesses they tried because they always seem to believe the problem is in the business type but failing to understand that the problem is resting more on the business plan.

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