Bead Making in Nigeria

Do you want to learn bead making? Do you need top quality beaded bags and jewelry for occasions like weddings, parties etc? Do you want to go into bead making and selling business? If you have answered Yes to any or all of these questions, You are at the right place.

* Bead designs in Nigeria:

We have virtually all the very unique designs of well crafted beaded accessories, all made in Nigeria. To order, Call Lanrey 08135985835

* Wedding beads:

Are you looking for that perfect beaded jewelry for your wedding in Nigeria? Even if you are outside Nigeria, we have you covered… From the beaded crown jewelry to the necklace and all other beaded accessories for wedding. To order, Call Lanrey 08135985835

* Traditional wedding beads in Nigeria:

There are those special moments in which people want to look their best. A traditional wedding is one of such gracious moments when the bride and groom are completely made royal by wearing our wonderfully crafted beaded accessories which targets the particular culture portrayed in the wedding. To order, Call Lanrey 08135985835

* Engagement beads:

Lets make your engagement party a wow one here in Nigeria or even abroad if you live outside Nigeria. We have all the beautiful beads you need to decorate you, your spouse and the event. To order, Call Lanrey 08135985835

* Bead making designs in Nigeria:

If you are interested in knowing about bead designs, why not contact us for quality training; this is usually very helpful to people wanting a career in the bead craft business. Our gallery of coral beads designs here in Nigeria is loaded! Register for quality training today, click here: Bead Making Training Registration

Beads are in various forms and sizes and are made for different purposes. Beads can be used to make a whole lot of things ranging from  jewelries to house hold items like flower vase, foot mats, beaded curtain, belts, bags and so on.

* Quality Service:

Top Quality and Professional Training on:

  • Bead Stringing
  • Wire Works

We’ll also teach you techniques on how to make :

  • Beaded bags
  • Beaded slippers
  • Flower vase

It really does not get any better. We offer the best service.

We also go to schools, churches and organizations to train youths so they can earn a living for themselves.

Register Today: Bead Making Training Registration

We get tons of questions on bead making. Below are the best and quick answers we could provide to a few of these questions. If you have a question which wasn’t addressed below, kindly leave it in the comment box and we’ll address it. Thanks

From: okosa

I want to learn how 2 make beads and market them.

Hello Okosa

Teaching our students how to start up a business with the skills they have acquired from our bead training program is one of the beautiful features of our program. We introduce the business part of bead making to our students to equip them for the career ahead of them. So, yes, register with us and you will learn how to make beaded accessories and market them. Kindly use the registration link above. Thanks


I want to learn how to make handbags, purses and chocker with beads

Hello Yemisi

Not only will you learn how to make quality handbags, purses and chocker with beads, you will learn wireworks and more. Register using the link above. Thanks

From: Adeola

How to start a small scale bead making business, where to shop for variey of beads at reduced prices. and hiw to penetrate the market.

Hello Adeola

We can supply you with all the exquisite beads you need, foreign, classy, shining beads all available. Simply send us an email: and we will reply you with details.

Also, register to learn bead making in our professional bead making programs and you will be glad you did. Everything you need to know about bead making and the business of bead making. Register now, use the link above. Regards

From: Emeribe

I would like to acquire bead making skills (especially bead purse making) and make a living with it.

Hello Emeribe

Already addressed. Kindly register thanks

From: Bilikis

how to become a successful bead maker, and caterer

Hello Bilikis

We sure would train you professionally on bead making. Kindly register. For the catering part, sorry we do not teach catering yet. When we start catering training, we will notify you. Thanks

From: Bekinwari

I want to join  with you in other to train people in port harcourt branch and also get current  up dates on bead making, different designs and etc. thank you.

Hello Bekinwari

You are welcome to partner with us and work in our Port Harcourt branch if you are a skilled professional. Please send an official proposal to and we will reply you. Thanks

From: Natasha

hello pls i need a guild on what biz to go into, and also wud want to no how lucrative bead making biz is in nigeria. tnks

Hello Natasha

Bead making business is very lucrative in Nigeria. We know people who sell one piece of beaded necklace for N2m (two million naira); this is just one beaded jewelry. So if you become the skilled beaded jewelry maker, and you learn the business part of effectively marketing your beads, you are sure to smile to the bank. Are you ready for this? Register now and get quality training. Use the link above. Thanks

From: Okojie

I want to perfect my hands in bead making,how do i go about it?

Hello Okojie

We see you already have basic knowledge in the bead making craft. However, register with us and we will teach you advanced bead making techniques and how to become the true professional. Use the link above to register. Thanks

From: Ayinla

I want to know how to use bead in making bags and flower vases.

Hello Ayinla

You are in the right place. Kindly register for our training. Thanks

From: Olajumoke

I want to know how to make bead e.g. plastic bead, stone beads and wire work.

Hello Olajumoke

We believe you want to learn how to use the different bead types you listed to make beaded accessories.  Kindly register thanks.



Hello Adebola

We have you covered. Register using the link above. Thanks

From: UMAR

I want learn bead work

Hello Umar

Welcome! Register please. Use the registration link above. Thanks

From: Victor

I wnt 2 learn how 2 make beads

Hello Victor

You want to learn how to make beads? Or you want to learn how to use beads to make fashion accessories? If it is the latter, then register for training using the link above. Thanks

From: Ayinla

I want to know and get the pattern of using bead to make bag and flower vase.

Hello Ayinla

You will learn even more than making beaded bags and flower vase. Register today. Use the link above. Thanks

From: Fadipe

How can I use bead in making different things. Like jug, kettle, face cap, cups, different necklace and bags?

Hello Fadipe

It is really simple! Learn the craft from the professionals. After the training, if you are talented, on your own, there is no limit to what products you can create using beads. Register now using the registration link above. You are sure to thank us later. Cheers

From: Omotoso

Want to know how to use bead i\’m making necklaces and all that beads can be use for.thank u

Hello Omotoso

Welcome, you are in the right place. Kindly register using the link provided above. You will be glad you did. Regards

From: Edeniyi

I want a guide to learn bead making sent to my phone as a text.

Hello Edeniyi

Funny demand we must say. We wonder the type of phone you use and the network you are subscribed to that would allow a massive guide with multiple pages on bead making to pass through as text message. However, kindly register and provide your email address in your registration, and we’ll send you the guide to your email. Thanks

From: Vera

Hlo pls mine is wire work,flower vase,office equipment n home equipment.Thanks.

Hello Vera

No problem! Just register using the link above. You will learn the wirework craft and how to make flower vase. However, what we don’t understand is the office equipment and home equipment part of your question. Kindly explain what you mean thanks.

From: Olawoyin

Instrument for making bead.

Hello Olawoyin

There are many instruments for making beads, top on the list are the pliers and cutters. Since bead making has to do with hand craft, some instruments are of personal taste to the user. Good news is that people who register to train with us are given free tools. Kindly register using the link provided above. Thanks

From: kolawole

Guide on bead and wirework business in nigeria.

Hello Kolawole

Beaded accessories and wirework materials are very glamorous these days. They add class and maturity to the fashion sense of those who wear them. People generally want to look classy and if you could get them to feel this way, why not? this is the business part to it. Like every other business, you need to study the character of your target market, know where they are, know their purchasing power and most importantly, know what they think of the product you want to market to them.

If you want to know more about bead business in Nigeria, kindly register for professional training using the link provided above. Thanks!

If you prefer to call, kindly call Lanre on 08135985835 for more information. Cheers!


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